China International Machine Tools Expo

Date: 2nd-6th August 2016

Venue: Qingdao, Shandong Province – People's Republic of China

Introduction of the event

JNMTE focuses completely on the development of the machine tools and IA industries in China and it is a prestigious exhibition established in 1998 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting the awestruck  machine tools, accessories, special processing equipment, industrial automation equipment etc. Under the principle of “communication, development, cooperation and win-win solution”, the exhibition will pull together well-known machine tool manufacturers from home and abroad to display high-grade, precision and advanced products. Consequently, a international platform integrated with products display and technical communication will be forged to promote the industrial development of related regions. Apparently JNMTE is one of the most successful trade show in the world wide machine tools industry chain. 


Exhibition sections

1.Metal-cutting machine tool, metal forming machine tool, sheet metal processing equipment, metal tube fabrication equipment, machining center, special purpose machine, EDM machine tool, machine tool accessories, accessories, machine tool electric appliance, function units and elements, machine tool cutter, measure, cutting tool, fixture, grating ruler, coordinate measuring machine, abrasive and grinding machine, precision measurement equipment, casting equipment, forging equipment, heat-treating facilities, wild and cutting equipment. 

2.Flexible manufacturing cells. Numerical control system, embedded system, servo system, industrial robot. 

3.Frequency conversion and speed regulation, sensor, motor, programmable controller and correlation technique, electric drive and control system, mechanical drive, hydraulic transmission and air transmission. 

4.Bearing processing technology and equipment, gear cutting technology and equipment, mould processing technology and equipment and other complete set manufacturing technology and equipment. 

5.Organization, service, consultation and engineering, industrial robot and automation equipment, metal cutting machine tool, laser processing, sheet-metal working.


Event Schedule:

l Friday July 31 TO Saturday August 1: exhibitors move-in 

       8:30am --- 17:00pm

lSunday August 2 TO Thursday August 6: exhibition display 

9:00am --- 17:00pm

lFriday August 7: exhibitors move-out   9:00am --- 17:00pm

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