• Venue:chongqing yuelai Wyndham hotel
  • Address:重庆市渝北区悦来滨江路
  • City:chongqing
  • Industry:Engineering-Plastics
  • Date:2015.09.23-2015.09.24
  • Organizer:China Engineering Plastics Industry Association
  • Official Website:http://ep.amsummit.cn/en/
  • E-mail:sinoepa@nimte.ac.cn
  • Tel:8657486688922
  • Fax:

2015 China International Engineering-Plastics Industrial Innovation Conference


As the most speedily growing sector in the global plastic industry today, Engineering-plastics, in terms of its development, functions not only as a supporting power for national pillar industries and modern hitech industries but also an urge to the transformation of traditional industries and adjustment of product structure. At present, China has become the largest importer of engineering plastics, providing a huge space for international market and at the same time, its domestic engineering-plastics has also stepped into a phase of rapid development, during which, the market share of the industry has also been spreading in a variety of industries.

This session of the conference is themed by “innovation and development”. Oriented by its high-end, information and international positioning, the conference aims to exchange new ideas, new modes and new experience for the development of engineering-plastics industry through the activities such as technical workshops, exhibitions and project communication sessions, so as to ultimately lead and

push forward healthy development of engineering-plastics industry via establishment of public service platforms for technical communication, international transaction and project cooperation.

Visitors' Profile

* Presidents/vice presidents/general managers

* Directors/engineers of Department of R&D and Design

* Directors/engineers of Department of Production Technologies

* Directors/engineers of Department of Material Development

* Directors/engineers of Department of Quality Control

* Directors/engineers of Department of Procurement

* Persons concerned from institutes/universities/associations/governments and etc.

Exhibitors' Profile

* Vehicle and spare parts manufacturers

* Electronic and electrical manufacturers

* Machinery manufacturers

* construction and chemical plastic manufacturing enterprises

* OEM and mold manufacturing enterprises

* Plastic raw material and additive material suppliers

* Innovative material suppliers

* Suppliers of plastic molding and processing equipments

* Suppliers of molding and processing equipments of other materials

* Third-party inspection institutes

* Institutes/universities/associations/governmental/departments and other relevant organizations

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