2015 The 19th China (Shanghai) International Health care & Elderly Service Expo

Date: September 17-19,2015

Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center

Address: No.88,Loushanguan Road,Changning District ,Shanghai

Contact:Chris Jia

86-10-58485083    QQ:2355821764   chris.2003@sbwexpo.cn


CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2014 was hosted by Shibowei International Exhibition Group & China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health care. CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO is a trade expo of senior care and rehabilitation medicine which has the longest history, largest scale and highest degree of internationalization in China. Since 2003, CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO has established a good reputation world wild for welfare industry. 


The 19 edition of CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO  held on 17-19,2015 at Shanghai International Exhibition Center attracted a record number of exhibitors and visitors, confirming its position as a major expo for Asian senior care and rehabilitation medicine.


More than 300 companies from England, Germany, Austria, America, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, China, China Hong Kong, and China Taiwan, altogether 16 countries and regions, showcased new products and technologies on CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2014 with a floor space of over 20,000 m2. Taiwan Pavilion and Japanese Pavilion which had more than 50 companies attracted a great number of visitors.


CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2014 brought together 26,041 trade visitors from 36 countries and regions, 606 foreign visitors and 25,435 domestic visitors from 226 cities of China’s 29 provinces and autonomous regions. The number of visitors is the largest in history. More than 65% of the trade visitors were from government or management and purchasing department. The visitors of the expo were more and more professional. CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO maintained the leading position in the domestic industry!


CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2015 will be held on 17-19, September at Shanghai  International Centre . CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO focusing on senior care, rehabilitation and medicine, healthcare. According these themes, CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2015 will hold many different activities and forums such as CHINA INTERATIONAL FORUM ON AGEING, CHINA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF SENIOR RESIDENCE 2015, 3rd DIRECTORS FORUM OF REHABILITATION HOSPITALS, 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF REHABILITATION MEDICAL ENGINEERING and so on. CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO 2015 expects to invite 400 exhibitors from 18 countries displayed their latest developments and product innovations, and more than 30000 visitors will come to visit the show. We believe that CHINA ELDERLY SERVICE EXPO will be your best choice to help you open the Chinese market. 


New Technology---To showcase mew brands and products innovation

New Topics---To discuss hot industry topics and forecast new trends in the expanded fringe programmes

New Information--- To gain first-hand industry information and one stop purchasing solution

New Contacts---The trade platform provides effective communication and creates extensive networking opportunities

If you are the following products providers ,please reserve the booth in advance

Rehabilitation Medicine

·         1.Neurological rehabilitation equipment

·         2.Orthopaedic rehabilitation equipment 

·         3.Pediatric rehabilitation equipment

·         4.Physical training facility

·         5.Physiotherapy equipment

·         6.Hydrotherapy facility  

·         7.Functional evaluation equipment 

·         8.Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation equipment

·         9.Chinese medicine rehabilitation equipment

·         10.Rehabilitation institution 


Assistive Technology

·         1.Artificial limbs 

·         2.Orthotics and prosthetics

·         3.Barrier free living aids

·         4.Communication and telecare aids

·         5.Moving and handing aids

·         6.Mobility and Transport aids

·         7.Vision and listening aids

·         8.Orthopedic Aids

·         9.Eating utensils

·         10.Sporting equipment for the disabled

·         11.Adaptation 


Nursing Care

·         1.Bathing and showering facility

·         2.Personal care and hygiene 

·         3.Nursing and medical care

·         4.Bed related

·         5.Diaper 

·         6.Anti-bedsore cushion

·         7.Clothing and aids for personal protection

·         8.Care prevention products 


Senior Care

·         1.Community day care and household care service

·         2.Intelligent and IT service

·         3.Nursing home

·         4.Commercial endowment insurance

·         5.Elderly-care personnel training

·         6.Aged travel 

·         7.Charities and advice


Livable Building

·         1.Age-friendly Furniture

·         2.Toilet Accessories

·         3.Barrier free building design institution

·         4.Age-friendly apartment and community 

·         5.Home Automation 


Health Care

·         1.Nutrition and wholesome foods 

·         2.Fitness equipment

·         3.Wearable fitness equipment 

·         4.Massager

·         5.Anti-aging product

·         6.Gym

·         7.Physical examination center



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