2015 (11th) China International Exhibition on Water treatment Chemicals, Technologies and Application


Date: Oct 28-29,2015      

Venue:Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center



2015 (11th) China International Exhibition on Water treatment Chemicals, Technologies and Application ( WATER CHEM+TECH) that organized by China National Chemical Information Center will be held on 28-29th October, 2015 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. As an only professional chemicals oriented event in the water treatment related exhibition field, WATER CHEM+TECH had been successfully organized 10 times and it is the 11th edition in 2015. WATER CHEM+TECH is not only a platform for the companies to have product promotion,technical exchange, foreign cooperation, trade negotiations but also a direction indicator and a barometer for companies in water treatment industry. There are 200 enterprises and institutions to participate in the exhibition, including the international chemical giant Dow,GE, SNF (SNF), Novozymes, Longsha, Kemira, Daikin and domestic leading enterprises Dalian Bio-chem, Jiangsu Jianghai, Nantong Uniphos Chemicals, Shandong Taihe, Jiangsu Feymer, Dongying Nuoer Chemical ,Anhui Jucheng, Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology etc.


In recent years, due to the intensively publicized environmental protection policies, water treatment chemicals are widely used in petroleum, electric power, steel and other industries. Water treatment chemicals no longer exclusively belongs to the field of polymer, it also takes an important subject in environmental protection industries and energy-saving emission reduction. And environmental protection is a huge engine to speed the development of water treatment chemicals industry in our country, and 3000 companies engaged in more than 100 products, among which flocculants, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide etc. of the most widely used.


The previous participating enterprises are basically comes from Shandong Province, the Yangtze River Delta and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, it shows the characterized exhibitor distribution. The nature of participating enterprises shows that exhibitors are mainly from manufactures and service providers in water chemical industry, and a few exhibitors from valve type, the container and trade field; The participating enterprises’ products are mostly involved in water treatment, oil and gas development and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection industry. The well-known enterprises at home and abroad  attract the attention of visitors by its unique booth design and also the latest technology seminars.

The world's largest industrial and microbial enzyme preparations manufacturers -- Novozymes had 7 seminars and reports during the exhibitions. The world's largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology and special component manufacturers - Swiss Lonza, also has 7 theme reports, covering the application of flocculant, bactericidal agent, synergist and molluscicide. Finland Kemira, who focus on water treatment membrane scale inhibitor, bactericide, cleaning agent research and development also has three reports about "how to improve efficiency in the use of green environmental protection chemical sewage treatment; There are GE, Dow and other Multi-National Corporation respectively give the reports on the theme of "GE new m antiscalant application", "Acumerscale inhibitors – dispersants for reverse osmosis” etc.;


In addition, there is a series of thematic reports given by Jianghai company on the subject of power plant water treatment medicament exchange. Report of” The new inspiration on analysis and R&D of water treatment agents” given by Shanghai Micro spectrum Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd., and the “The case introduction of products used in mining water treatment” given by Anhui Tianrun Chemicals Co., Ltd., as well as “ Technology of comprehensive treatment of electroplating industrial park waste water” given by Shenzhen Dupont Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Scope of Exhibition


l Flocculant used in sludge dewatering including two types – emulsion and dry powder, coagulant used in chemical phosphorus removal and coagulating sedimentation including aluminium polychlorid, aluminum sulfate, ferric (iron) aluminium chloride, defoamer and decolorizer.


l Scale and corrosion inhibitor: organic phosphonic acid salt: HEDP, EDTMP, etc.; polycarboxylic acid: PAA, HPMA, polyaspartic acid, polyepoxysuccinic acid, etc.; inorganic phosphorus: sodium hexametaphoshpate, sodium tripolyphosphate; BTA; TTA; New copper corrosion inhibitor; boiler water treatment chemicals; cooling water treatment chemicals; membrane treatment chemicals; water treatment chemicals and sewage treatment chemicals; reverse osmosis chemicals.


l Organic chloride: sodium dichloro cyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid; organic bromine: BCDMH, 2, 2 - dibromo - 3 - cyano propionamide; isothiazolinone; glutaraldehyde, quaternary alkylphosphonium salt; inorganic chloride: chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, calcium chloride; amine: geramine, chloramines; peroxide: H2O2, peracetic acid; organic sulfur: methane dithiocyanate.


l Defoamer, cleaning agent, chelating agent, pretreatment filming agent; hard, high-alkali, high-turbidity, high-efficient, high-enriched water treatment agent.




Class A area (raw space not including any facilities): US$310p/m2

Class B area (standard booth 3mX3m including walls, side and back walls information counter, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, electrical outlet, water, electrical connection, carpet): US$3600/standard booth.



Exhibition catalogue (cover RMB20 000, back cover RMB10 000, inside front cover and front page RMB8 000, inside back cover and tail page RMB6 000, inside full page (colored) RMB5 000, inside full page (B&W) RMB2 500);

Admission coupon RMB10 000/500 000 pieces;

Plastic bag RMB30 000/10 000 pieces;

Scroll RMB6 800 per exhibition period;

Balloon (with 10m scroll) RMB8 500 per exhibition period;

Arch door RMB26 000 per exhibition period, price of inside-hall advertising stands to be fixed through negotiation.


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