• Venue: Tianjin Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Center
  • Address: No. 18, Youyi South Road, Hexi Dist, Tianjin, China
  • City: Tianjin
  • Industry: industrial robot, automation
  • Date: March 9-12, 2016
  • Organizer: Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.
  • Official Website: www.chinacire.com.cn
  • E-mail: liuchang@zhenweiexpo.com
  • Tel: +86-22-65836627
  • Fax: +86-22-66224099

CIRE2016-The 5th China (Tianjin) International Industrial Robot Exhibition



As Chinese top robot exhibition, CIRE has been successfully held for 4 times. CIRE2015 attracted over 358 exhibitors and 512 brands from more than 20 countries and regions. CIRE2015 covered an area of 15000 square meters, appealed to 30000 professional visitors and 105 purchasing groups, making CIRE a bridge for industrial robot between China and the world.


World famous companies: YAMAHA, NACHI, Omron, Denso, Mitsubishi, CAMOZZI, OTC, YASKAWA, Fanuc, KCC, Siemens, Schmersal, EMA, EAO, K.S. Terminals, GSK CNC, William, ADTECH, Hans Laser, WEISS, Modular, Iwantani, KOYO, SIASUN, MINGSEAL Robot, ZOMA Enterprise, Langyu, Shin-tech AGV, Chutian Laser, etc.



1.       Professional Organizer: Zhenwei Exhibition Group, the largest private exhibition company in China.

2.       Exhibition Scale: Gathering 400 famous enterprises from home and abroad, magnets bloom in CIRE.

3.       Government Support: Highly supported by the government, the largest industrial robot exhibition in North China

4.       Regional Advantages: The integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the economic center making Tianjin a wonderful market with huge demands.

5.       Technical Visitors: Seamless connection between purchasers and exhibitors; technical visitors making precision marketing possible.

6.       Focus Media: Over 100 media outlets including CCTV and other main media report CIRE to order.



Global Circumstances


The annual value of production of Chinese high-end equipment and manufacturing industry is predicted to reach 60 million yuan. The complete equipment of industrial robot automatic production line has become the main direction of automation equipment based on government supporting policy. Last year, global robot marketing raised around 10%, but China raised 51%, ranking the first in the world.


Exhibitors' Profile

Industrial Robot Complete Machines

Industrial Robot Applications & Solutions

Industrial Robot Functional Accessories

Industrial Robot Machine Vision

Industrial Robot Developing Platform and Software Technology

      Other Robots

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