• Venue:Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai)
  • Address: 88 Lou shanguan Road (77 Xingyi Road), Changning District, Shanghai, 200336, P.R. China
  • City:Shanghai
  • Industry:Health & Medicine Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products
  • Date:2015/09/17 - 2015/09/19
  • Organizer:Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co. Limited
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: annali@sbwexpo.cn
  • Tel:+86-10-8578 5007*8011
  • Fax:+86-10-5141 3308

CIHIE 2015 (Autumn) - The 19th China (Shanghai) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

As the only one of the key exhibition in national health industry with the government subsidies in China, CIHIE 2015 (Autumn) - The 19th China (Shanghai) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo will take place on Sep.17-19, 2015 at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai), China.

The goal of CIHIE is to enhance public health and safety, support industry self-regulation and foster the responsible growth of health industry. The 19th China (Shanghai) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo (CIHIE 2015) will build a health industry stage combined with the world high-end brand display trading connection between home and broad.

CIHIE 2015 (Autumn) will change the simple exhibition service into provide all round systematic enterprise service, including Business Interconnection, Technology Communication, Targeted Appointment, Hosted Buyer. So CIHIE 2015 (Autumn) will be a top platform for international business promotion specializing in a collection of service : Channel construction, agent joint, brand promotion, application BBS.

Visitors' Profile

Source of professional visitors:
1. Effective、creditworthy、sales-network of dealers, agents, the joining trader, application dealer, trade company and health food supplying center, etc
2. Professional nutrition health food wholesale market, large supermarkets, department stores, medicine business group, green health care food chain and operation counters, health preservation hall, health management chain institutions and private clubs, community supermarket chain and convenience stores.
3. Pharmacy chains, franchise house, community health service station, health club, fitness center, beauty salon, TV shopping channel, E-shop.
4. Buyers stationed in china, foreign trade companies, 130 multinational embassy stationed in china and trade associations, more than 50 provinces and cities in Beijing office, The central enterprise labor union system of SASAC, rest home, nursing homes, scientific research institution and technical staff and senior managers of nutrition health food production enterprise, etc.
5. Customer service agency、trade service agencies、gift shop、major group buying unit.

Exhibitors' Profile

A: Nutrition and health food area: Life nourishment products, bee products, nutrients, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, enriched food, dietary supplement, vitamins and minerals, invigorant, enriched food, prebiotics and probiotics, dairy products, carbohydrate drinks and nutritious liquor;
B: Healthcare product area: Functional products, green food, organic food, natural products, immunity enhancing products, anti-aging products, anti-cancer products, liver protection kidney care products, halobios biological products, healthcare clothes, healthcare underwears, healthcare pillows, slimming, toxicant cleaning products, individual care products,antisepsis series products, procreation healthcare products, woman-child products, fitness products, sex care products, healthcare products, healthcare treatment products, life nourishment, foot care, SPA, sports&amusement, healthcare devices.
C: Functional drinks area: Healthcare drinks, healthcare juice,healthcare tea, healthcare liquor, high-end drinking water, healthcare milk, functional water, coffee drinks and the relevant drinks;
D: Organic and Natural products area: natural herbs, organic honey, red ginseng, dairy product, natural health plant, natural health fruits.
E: Beauty and slim products area:
Collagen, coenzymeQ10, hyaluronic acid, skin care cosmetics, Functional cosmetics and slimming products, skincare cosmetics,natural beauty products, herbal cosmetics, body shaping underwear, foot bath, foot treatment medical products, etc.
F: Sugar-free product area: Foods for Special Dietary,low-sugar beverage, milk powder, oatmeal, corn grains products, diabetes health food, etc.
G: Diet therapy medicinal food products area: Dietotherapy and medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (chopped/traditional medicine etc) , Chinese medicine pills, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc.
H: Health products packaging area: Medicine and healthcare production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.
I: Health services area: Traditional Chinese medicine health maintenance, health care servicing agency, brand servicing agency, health care consulting and nursing services, health check-up agency.

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