• Venue:The AVIC Helicopter – Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Port (Airport Economic Zone)
  • Address:N°166, Xisan Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin 300308 – China
  • City:Tianjin
  • Industry:Conference & Summit / Congress Aerospace
  • Date:2015/09/10 - 2015/09/11
  • Organizer: BCI AEROSPACE - BCI - Organisation Générale Aéromart
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: rportier@advbe.com
  • Tel:+33-1-4186 4125
  • Fax:+33-1-4186 4989

Aeromart Summit Tianjin 2015

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

BCI AEROSPACE - BCI - Organisation Générale Aéromart will hold Aeromart Summit Tianjin 2015 at the AVIC Helicopter – Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Port (Airport Economic Zone), China from Sept.10 to Sept.11, 2015. It will offer one day conferences with the presentations on the politics, environment and regulations in the aerospace market in China, and also on the procurement & supply chain policies of the OEMs.

Exhibitors' Profile

Aeromart Summit Tianjin offers a must-attend-conferences program focusing on the sector evolutions.
These are excellent opportunities for professionals to share experiences and better comprehend the market scientific, industrial, technical and commercial evolutions.

In add

OEMs procurement & supply chain policies
These sessions are exclusively presented by large OEMs. They aim to provide the industry a deeper understanding of the OEMs supply chain strategies. A rare occasion for the suppliers who are ready to cope with ongoing or future changes.

These presentations focus on either technologies or products. This is a chance for the audiences to increase and optimize their market knowledge.

Aeromart Summit Tianjin emphasizes on the awareness of sector evolutions in combination with our service of targeted one on one meetings.

One to One meetings
The program will offer all participants the opportunity to sign up, identify and request meetings with relevant contacts prior to the show.

Schedules of meetings, based on those choices, will be pre-arranged. The one to one meetings will be held at the venue. 

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