• Venue:Tianjin Binhai Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC)
  • Address:Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre,5th Avenue,TEDA,Tianjin
  • City:Tianjin
  • Industry:Industrial Automation
  • Date:2015/08/18 - 2015/08/21
  • Organizer: Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: chinaciai@chinazhenwei.com.cn
  • Tel:+86-22-6622 4066 / 4088
  • Fax:+86-22-6622 4099

CIAI China 2015 - The 14th China (Tianjin) International Industry Automation Technical & Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

CIAI China 2015 - The 14th China (Tianjin) International Industry Automation Technical & Equipment Exhibition will be held during Aug.18-21, 2015 at Tianjin Binhai Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC), China. The organizer is Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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Name: Hejun Zhang
Tel: +86-22-6622 4085
Mobil: +86-139-2050 8528
E-mail: zw-zhj@zhenweiexpo.com

Name: Wei Cai
Tel: +86-22-6622 4083
Mobil: +86-139-2010 5698
E-mai: caiwei@zhenweiexpo.com

Name: Mingyue Liu
Tel: +86-22-6622 4095
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Name: Yang Liang
Tel: +86-22-6622 4084
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Name: Yun Zhang
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E-mail: zyun@zhenweiexpo.com

Name: Ruifen Zhang
Tel: +86-22-6622 4098
Mobil: +86-136-0219 0546
E-mail: zhourf@zhenweiexpo.com

Visitors' Profile

Target Visitors
Purchasing Groups - The organizer will invite downstream clients forming buying groups for purchasing. These clients are from the following industries: automobile & motorbike manufacturing, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ship-building, energy & chemicals, aviation & aerospace, railway locomotive making, metallurgy & mining, petrochemical industry, electricity & communications and so on.

Company Clients - The organizer will invite company clients for purchasing from more than 30 high-tech industrial parks in Tianjin. They are from: Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park, Tanggu National Marine H-TCH Development Area, Tianjin Dagang Petrochemical Industrial Park, Huayuan Industrial Park, Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, and State-level Tianjin Beichen Hi-tech Industrial Park, Bohai Petroleum Industrial Park, Tianbao Industrial Park, etc.

Well-known Auto Manufacturers - The organizer will invite famous large automobile makers for visiting the show and purchasing, they are: GM (China), Volkswagen China, Ford, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, Saic Group, Beijing-Hyundai, Daewoo, Changan, etc.

Exhibitors' Profile

1. Instruments
Regulator, Ethane-sensitive Element, Measurement Device, Transmitter, Measuring Instrument, Metrical Instrument, Indicator, Electronic Measurement Instrument, Actuator, Control Valve, Positioner, Weighing Device, Signal Processor, Inteligentized Instrument, Laboratory Equipmentand and Analysis and Optical Equipments and Meters.

2. Control System
The System of Monitoring Control and Data Acquisition, The Process Automation Control System, Factory Automation Control System, Mixing Control System, Field bus Control System, Safety and Dangerous System, Industrial Ethernet and Real-time Industrial Ethernet, The Embedded Control System, OLE for Process Control, Frequency Converter, Electric Drive and Motion Control System and Software Radio.

3. Automation and IT Solution Scheme
Manufacturing Execution Total Solution and Optimizing Control System, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Total Solution, E-Business Total Solution, Internet and Solution Scheme for Communication and Robot.

4. Components and Accessory of Instruments Materials
System Components and Control Accessory, Accessory of Field Bus, Wire and Cable, Crate/Casting, Connector, Terminal, Filter, Pump, Valve, Electromechanical Components and Fiber, Low Voltage and Industrial Electrical Apparatus, Switch, Power Supple, Laser and Photoelectron Equipment.

5. Industrial Robot and Related Technologies
Other Software and Engineering Technology related with Automation, System Engineering Integration, Restoration Service, Test Service and so on.

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