• Venue:Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Address:No.3, Hongguang shan Rd, Shui Mogou District, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China
  • City:Urumqi
  • Industry:Coal & Mining
  • Date:2015/07/22 - 2015/07/24
  • Organizer: Zhenwei Exhibition Group
    Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: gina8150@hotmail.com
  • Tel:+86-139-9912 8537; +86-991-231 9149
  • Fax:+86-991-232 1606

ICME 2015 - The 12th China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Exhibition 2015

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

ICME 2015 - The 12th China Xinjiang International Coal Industry Exhibition 2015 is an international trade show focuses on the development of coal chemical industry and the improvement on coal-electricity integration and clean energies, which will take place on July 22-24, 2015 at Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Urumqi, China.

Exhibitors' Profile

The large-scale coal business groups’ image and achievement demonstration.

High production, high effectiveness and the safety production demonstration image for large-scale coal mine.

The coal electricity,coal chemicals, and coalbed methane exploration(gas generator set)projects demonstration.

The patent demonstration of coal mining projects and new designs.

The large-scale exploring technologies and equipments:
1, Drilling machinery, drilling instrument, drilling machine: (SP300、SPT-300、SP600、SP1200 drilling machine: series of Core drilling machine, series of high-injection machine, series of drilling rig, MGJ roof bolter, MGY series hydraulic anchor rig, series of deep soil mixing machine, railway engineering geology machines, water well drilling machine, steel cable type impact drill rig, manual impact drill rig, squeezed multi-plate pile.
2, Pumping instruments: series of mud pumps, grouting pump with high-pressure.
3, Drill pipes: geological drill rod, petroleum drilling rod, hydrological well drilling rod, non-dig drill pipe, power drill rod, and cord core drilling tubes, drill collar, heavy wall drill pipe.
4, Junctions: various couplings.
5, Tools: fishing tap, fishing socket, raisers, casing tap.

The equipments and technology of coal and coal mining safety.
1, Electrical equipments
2, Ventilations, dust-proof equipments
3, Supporting and protecting equipments
4, Implements and accessories
5, Elevator and transporting equipments
6, The facilities and equipments for environment, safety, contorting and monitoring;
7, Flame resisting and antistatic products;
8, The coal mine blasting explosives, exploders, mine communications, signal devices, the lighting equipments, the blasting equipments and materials;
9, Mining apparatus and corresponds: Shearers (electrical controlled installment), excavators, breaking machines;
10,Coal washing & selecting technical equipments; the analysis equipment of coal quality and check-out facility; coal processing and application apparatuses; the coal chemical facilities and technology.

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