• Venue:DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Beijing, China
  • Address: 168 Guang An Men Wai Ave Xi Cheng, Beijing, 100055, China
  • City:Beijing
  • Industry:Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Exhibition & Conference Forestry Equipment & Landscaping Garderning & Landscaping
  • Date:2015/07/20 - 2015/07/22
  • Organizer: OMICS Group
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: contact.asiapacific@omicsonline.org
  • Tel:+40-4013 1823; +40-4025 4062
  • Fax:

Agri 2015 - The 4th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

With the theme of "Novel Strategies & Innovations in Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences", the 4th International Conference on Agriculture & Horticulture (Agri 2015) will be hosted by OMICS Group during 20-22 July 2015 in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Beijing, China.

The previous three Conferences on Agriculture were held in Hyderabad, India. Renowned as the largest and most successful international gathering by OMICS Group, the Agriculture & Horticulture Conference brought together a forum of famous personalities from the fields of agriculture, horticulture and food technology from the leading research institutes to most of the universities.

Agri 2014 provided a perfect symposium for scientists, professors, directors of research institutes & companies and research students in the field of Agriculture to meet and share their knowledge. The scientific program paved a way to gather visionaries through the research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies. Agri 2014 is not only a gathering of professionals, but a platform to mix with young talent and renowned personalities to provide new insights in areas such as Agriculture, Horticulture & Forestry etc.


Agronomy and Soil Sciences
Horticulture, Floriculture & Forestry
Agricultural Extension
Plant Biochemistry and Physiology
Crop Breeding and Genetics
Crop Protection and Management
Spices, Herbs and Medicinal Plants
Tissue Culture and Plant Biotechnology
Agricultural Engineering and Technology
Agricultural Risk Management 

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