• Venue:Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC)
  • Address:No.198, New Century Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • City:Chengdu
  • Industry:Electronics & Electricals Consumer Electronics ICT-(Information and Communications, Technology)
  • Date:2015/07/16 - 2015/07/18
  • Organizer: The Organizing Committee of China Electronics Fair
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: zhoujuan@ceac.com.cn
  • Tel:+86-10-5166 2329 ext.37
  • Fax:+86-10-6818 9519

CEF West 2015 - China Electronics Fair West 2015

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

China Electronics Fair West 2015, an ideal platform helping your companies tap into the world's fastest growing electronics market in western China, will be staged at Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC), Chengdu, China during 16-18 July 2015. Composed of spring, summer and fall edition held in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai respectively with a total exhibition area of 150,000 square meters each year, China Electronics Fair serves applied fields including 3C, automobile, power supply and defense industry, etc.

China Electronics Fair (CEF) is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of electronics and information industry in China. With its debut in 1964, CEF has grown up with China’s fast-growing economy and witnessed the transition and development of China’s electronics and information industry from planned economy to market economy.

China Electronics Fair West (CEF West ) is an important part of China Electronics Fair (CEF), the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of electronics and ICT industry in China. China Electronics Fair West 2015 (CEF West 2015) in Chengdu plays an important role in their R & D and purchasing activities, it will provide an efficient platform to enhance the exhibition experience for more than 1000 exhibitors and 30,000 buyers. A series of high-level conferences and technical seminars which traced the latest market trends and technical development in the electronic industry will be held during the show period.

Why attend to CEF West 2015 - China Electronics Fair West 2015?

By the end of 2010, over 200 Fortune 500 companies had set up branches in Chengdu, ranking it the first place of Fortune 500 companies in Central and Western China. Of these, 149 are foreign enterprises and 40 are domestic companies. Chengdu's growth accelerated alongside the growth of the telecom services sector in India and China, which together account for over 70% of the world telecommunications market. Several key national electronics R&D institutes are located in Chengdu. Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has attracted a variety of multinationals, at least 30 Fortune 500 companies and 12,000 domestic companies, including Intel, IBM, Cisco, NOKIA, Motorola, SAP, Siemens, Canon, HP, Xerox, Microsoft, Tieto, NIIT and Wipro, as well as domestic powerhouses such as Lenovo. 

Visitors' Profile

consumer electronics, audio-visual, household electronics, information/ communication technology, mechanical engineering/ industrial control, automotive electronics, aerospace technology, lighting, security monitoring, power electronics, medical technology and electrical industries.

Exhibitors' Profile

Professionals related to Electronic Component, Electronic Material, Electronic Manufacturing Equipment, Testing & Measurement Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Computer/ Network & Equipment, Communication/ Broadcasting Equipments, Automotive Electronics, Avionics/ Defense Electronics, Medical Electronics, Electrical/ Power Equipment, Security/ Surveillance Equipment, Building Electronics Equipment, Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial Control and etc.

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