• Venue:Qingdao International Convention Center (QICC)
  • Address:High-Tech Zone, 9 MiaoLing Road, Laoshan District Old Stone Man Beach Area (west of WuShan), Qingdao, Shandong Province
  • City:Qingdao
  • Industry: Automotive & Auto Parts Tire
  • Date:2014/04/09 - 2014/04/11

CTF 2014

The 11th China Qingdao International Tire Fair 2014

Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

CTF 2014 - The 11th China Qingdao International Tire Fair 2014, a prestigious international platform, will be held on April 9-11, 2014 at Qingdao International Convention Center (QICC)

Since its first foundation in 2004, nowadays, CTF has become an international platform for information exchange, market development, and entrepreneurial communication in rubber and tire industry in Asia-Pacific area. CTF successfully helps exhibitors promote their brands and contributes a lot to improving their competitiveness in international market. Meanwhile, in China, half of the total output in rubber industry is contributed by Shandong Peninsula area in which Qingdao city plays a leading role.

In the 10th China Qingdao International Tire Fair 2013, advertising investment was doubled, and the expo area reached 40000 square meters, more than 20000 visitors attended to CTF 2013. At the same time, there were additional programs in the show, such as the first session of China International Tire Festival and 2013 China Annual Conference in Tire Industry-China International Tire Technology Summit Forum.

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Visitors' Profile

Targeted Visitors of the 11th China International Tire and Wheel (Qingdao) Fair (CTF 2014)

1. Manufacturers of tires
2. Manufacturers of Rubber industrial machinery
3. CEOs, Engineers, Technocrats and scientists
4. Marketing Chiefs, Professional and consultants
5. Policy makers and international commercial corps
6. Head- R&D, Regulatory affairs & Quality Managers
7. Industry Associations and Trade Delegations
8. Consultants, Contract Research
9. Trade Delegates Organizations, Contract Manufacturers
10. Auto Professionals

Exhibitors' Profile

Exhibit Scope:
◆Special Area for Tires: Tire, Casing, Tube
◆Equipment, Tool and Service for Tire Repairing, Testing or replacing
◆Wheel Rim & Wheel Hub
◆Tire Accessories
◆Equipment and Raw/Assistant Material for Tire Repairing and Retreading
◆Material and Equipment for Tire & Wheel Rim Production
◆Other Areas: Professional Journals, Magazines and Mass Media in the Industry


Targeted Exhibitors of the 11th China International Tire and Wheel (Qingdao) Fair (CTF 2014) will include professionals come from:

Tires, Casings, Tubes Wheels / Rims: Steel and light metal rims for automobiles, commercial, earthwork machines and agricultural vehicles; wheel covers, etc. Natural rubber, raw materials, manufacturing equipment Trade Associations, press, publishers, Institutions Other related services and products: Logistics, certification, insurance, financial service... etc

Organizer's Profile

Name: Qingdao Jinnuo Exhibition Co. Limited
Address: 902, Fulin Building, 87, South Fuzhou Road, Qingdao, 266071 PRC
Tel: +86-532-5555 2901/2902
Fax: +86-532-5555 2903
E-Mail: service@china-jinnuo.com
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