• Venue:National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention
  • Address: No.333, Songze Avenue, Shanghai
  • City:Shanghai
  • Industry:Computer & IT, Conference & Summit / Congress, ICT-(Information and Communications, Technology)
  • Date:2015/06/10 - 2015/06/12
  • Organizer: Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: linjie.gui@utmglobal.cn
  • Tel:+86-21-3129 1786
  • Fax:+86-21-3327 5350

Cloud Computing 2015 - World Cloud Computing Technology and Application Exhibition 2015


Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

Cloud Computing 2015 - World Cloud Computing Technology and Application Exhibition 2015 is going to be held during Jun. 10-12, 2015 at National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention, China.

As Asia's most influential international professional cloud computing industry event, the World Cloud Computing Technology and Application Exhibition 2015 (Cloud Computing 2015) will provide an information dissemination platform for high-quality technical exchanges and economic and trade negotiations to showcase cloud security, cloud storage, cloud applications, cloud platforms, the latest results of the cloud infrastructure , cloud computing platform , cloud computing equipments for domestic and international supply and demand sides.

Exhibitors' Profile

Cloud - The main building technology showcase cloud computing platform, cloud computing platform suitable for the development of chips and software, cloud computing services solutions, data center construction and operations, cloud hosting, cloud servers, cloud storage, cloud storage, cloud conference, cloud development, cloud testing, cloud platform software, cloud monitoring, cloud computing communications network equipment and services, data storage, service outsourcing, data and network security, cloud computing standards, etc.;
Cloud applications - including various cloud architecture and industrial applications and specialty applications cloud-based services. Such as traffic cloud , cloud healthy, safe cloud , SMEs cloud , business cloud, manufacture clouds, cloud education, entertainment, cloud, social cloud, tourism clouds, clouds and other geographic information ;
- Cloud terminal area - including cloud-based notebook computer services and solutions, desktop computers, smart phones, tablet PCs , printers, cloud television, network computers, car navigation devices, sensors, read and write information terminal equipment, etc. Cloud computing device.

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