• Venue:Dalian World Expo Center
  • Address:Xinghe Rd., Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province
  • City:Dalian
  • Industry:Building Construction, Environmental Biotechnology, Exhibition & Conference ,Conference & Summit / Congress, Hospital / Medical Equipments
  • Date:2015/05/23 - 2015/05/25
  • Organizer: Informa Exhibitions
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: yolanda.hu@informa.com
  • Tel:+86-10-6562 3355
  • Fax:

HBI China 2015 - Hospital Build & Infrastructure China 2015


Exhibition / Event / Trade Show's Profile

Hospital Build & Infrastructure Exhibition & Congress (HBI) is an industry-renowned series hospital construction exhibition held by Informa Exhibitions annually in Dubai, China, and Russia in succession which focuses on the hospital construction industry and the healthcare community from a global perspective. The Hospital Build & Infrastructure China 2015 helding during 23-25 May. 2015 at Dalian World Expo Center showcased expertise, products and services to aid the expansion and enhancement of healthcare facilities in China, to help the healthy development of China’s hospital construction industry.

HBI China 2015 has always been committed to focusing on cutting-edge trends of future hospital investment, planning, design, construction, operation and management to provide China’s hospital modernization and development with an efficient business platform for all-around new products and technologies exhibition, professional and forward-looking information release, and industry leaders and elite gathering together. HBI China aims at providing the major hospital construction project investors, agents, sponsors and managers a great interactive exchange platform with the fields’ leading suppliers of investment, plan, design, construction, operation, equipment and management services.

“China Hospital Construction Forum”, held at the same time, is the most authoritative national academic forum of China’s hospital construction industry.

Visitors' Profile

Hospital at all levels and of various kinds
First aid, physical examination and rehabilitation, and other professional medical service organizations
Government sanitation management agencies and industry associations
Hospital construction planning, design service agencies
Hospital construction professional planning and consulting service agencies
Professional project planning, design and construction agencies
Professional equipment production, sales and agency enterprises
Financial and investment institutions
Professional scientific research, teaching and management institutions
Industry media

Exhibitors' Profile

◢ Professional planning and consulting of hospital engineering construction
◢ Professional planning and consulting of medical technology and process
◢ Overall planning of hospital construction
◢ Hospital construction planning and design

Building supporting facilities and equipment
◢ Medical elevator system
◢ Doors and windows system
◢ Medical central air conditioning and ventilation system
◢ Water purification, direct drinking water and sewage treatment system
◢ Water supply and drainage system
◢ Medical waste disposal system
◢ Hospital laundry engineering and equipment
◢ Generic cabling, high-voltage and low-voltage electricity system
◢ Power supply and distribution, emergency lighting and fire extinguishing system
◢ Heating and solar energy equipment
◢ Solid parking facilities and parking lot management system
◢ Emergency escape system and equipment
◢ Hospital electromechanical equipment and special building materials

Green energy, environmental protection and energy saving
◢ New green photoelectrical technologies and products
◢ New energy technology and equipment
◢ Ecological water resource utilization
◢ Electromechanical equipment energy saving control and transformation
◢ High efficient resource utilization technology and equipment
◢ Energy-saving technologies and solutions

Environmental and medical space design and green building materials
◢ Hospital interior landscape design
◢ Hospital landscaping and landscape design
◢ Hospital roof and 3D greening solutions
◢ Medical building interior decoration
◢ Overall bathroom and medical sanitary appliance system
◢ Medical green building materials

Medical support systems and professional engineering
◢ Clean operation department engineering and equipment
◢ Central sterile supply room engineering and equipment
◢ Laminar air flow ward (ICU, etc.) engineering and equipment
◢ Nuclear medicine protection engineering and equipment
◢ Medical power and lighting system
◢ Hospital logistics transmission system
◢ Central oxygen production, vacuum aspiration and air supply system

Ancillary facilities and ward equipment
◢ Hospital barrier-free and self-service system
◢ Hospital sign system
◢ Medical protective facilities and patient safety system
◢ Ward beds and furniture and equipment
◢ Ambulance transport equipment
◢ Hospital kitchen catering facilities
◢ Medical clothing

Hospital intelligent management control and network systems
◢ Digital hospital and computer network system
◢ Hospital video and tele-consultation system
◢ Mobile health care
◢ Call and screen display system
◢ Public broadcasting, cable and satellite TV reception system
◢ Closed-circuit monitoring and security system
◢ Building automatic control system
◢ Pharmacy building and automatic management

Hospital integrated services and management
◢ Hospital management consulting
◢ Medical quality assessment and certification system
◢ Specialized financial services and investment institutions and products
◢ Hospital logistics services and outsourcing
◢ Professional recruitment and training
◢ Professional media and publishing agencies

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