The 14th Shanghai External Wall Decoration Material and Bonding Technology Exhibition 2018

The development of modern construction industry is an important pillar to promote social progress and economic development. Although there are many kinds of existing external wall decoration materials, which play a great important role in architectural appearance and functions, creating compromising decorating effects for their advantages and disadvantages.

With Chinese urbanization, promotion of emission reduction and continuous pursuit of low-carbon and environment-friendly buildings, the requirements of safety, waterproofing, environmental protection and durability are getting higher and higher for external wall decoration materials, which is a key part guarantees the architectural aesthetics and normal functions of buildings. The new external wall decoration materials, integrated with performances of decoration, energy-efficiency, insulation and fire proof, have been greatly promoted in the application to residential and commercial buildings, providing excellent solutions to building exterior wall finishes.

New exterior wall decoration materials are promising. EDME Expo provides a sharing platform for innovative thinking of exterior wall decoration industry leaders, professionals and all kinds of exterior wall decoration industry practitioners, and energizes to promote the research and development, manufacture and distribution of external wall decoration industry and related products, as well as the comprehensive development of exterior wall decoration industry in China.

EDME Expo 2018 Exhibition Info

1.Event Date: 19 – 21 November 2018

2.Event location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (2345 Longyang Rd, Pudong New Dist.)

3.Exhibition area: 12,340 sqm

4.Exhibitors: Expected over 300 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions

5.Visitors: Expected over 25,000 visitors from 50 countries and regions

6.Co-located Exhibition Visitors: Expected over 60,000 visitors from 60 countries and regions

Metal Composite Materials & Products Branch of China Building Materials Federation

8.Co-located with:
Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition (TIM)
Shanghai International Mortar Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CME)
Shanghai International Floor Industry Exhibition (CFE)
Shanghai International Sport Venues Exhibition (SFE)
World of Concrete Asia (WOCA)

9.Co-Located events:
International Forum on Full Life Cycle of Green Building and Thermal Insulation Material New Technology
International Seminar on Building Thermal Insulation and Waterproof Integration System Technology
International Technology Application and Industry Development Forum on Insulation Decorative Integration System
International Seminar on Application Technology of Cool Roof Material
International Symposium on Technologies and Products & Excellent Examples for Energy Efficiency Retrofit and Reinforcement of Existing Buildings
International Symposium on the Falling Off Accident Analysis and Reinforcement & Repair of Exterior Wall Insulation System

New External Wall Decoration Materials: terracotta panels, ceramic plate, exterior wall hanging plate, fiber cement board, wall tiles, dry hanging brick, PVC/wood siding exterior wall hanging panel, sandstone walls, walls of GRC,  diatomite etc.; 
Metal trim: aluminum-plastic panel, decorative aluminum panel, AI-Zn coated steel panel, aluminum honeycomb plate, titanium zinc decorative panel, copper decorative panels, copper-plastic panels, metal composite thermal insulation board etc.;
Color steel plaque: Stainless steel decorative plate; magnesium aluminum plaques, Mg & Al curved plate and other decorative plates;
External wall coating: natural stone coating, latex paint for exterior wall, cement paint, exterior wall external insulation coating, fluorocarbon paint, spraying equipment;
Stone products: antique brick, stone culture and art, all kinds of granite, marble, mosaic, exterior wall facing brick, glazed tile, stone processing machinery, etc.; 
Thermal insulation and decoration integrated products: fire insulation decorative integration board, phenolic board, marble decorative panel, imitation stone panels etc.;
Building glue: dry hanging adhesive, marble glue, ceramic tile adhesive, cement base adhesive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, adhesive for architecture structure, sealant etc.; 
Dry hanging wall technology: wall bolts, anchor series, embedded parts, fittings, stainless steel pendant, dry hanging method of accessories;

11.Target Visitors: 
Real estate developers; Design institutes/companies; Construction companies; Architects; Contractors; Building Renovation/Design companies; Distributor and agents; Engineering & Technology companies; Importers & Exporters; Manufacturers; Government and Associations; Product R&D; Engineering Quality Supervision; Medias etc.

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