• Venue:National Convention Center Beijing
  • Address:
  • City:Beijing
  • Industry:Automobile
  • Date:October 18th-21st 2018
  • Organizer:Beijing Auto Square Exhibition Co.,Ltd
  • Official Website:http://www.chinanewauto.org.cn/
  • E-mail:liud@evautoe.com
  • Tel:13811697865
  • Fax:

China International Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition

To promote China’s energy saving and new energy automobile industry, implement "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)"(hereinafter referred to as ”Plan”),actively promote the progress of science and technology and improve the work of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, enhance the independent creativity and development of native automobile companies, strengthen international communication and cooperation, with the support of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, IEEVCHINA will be held on 18-21 Oct 2018 in Beijing, China.It is the benchmark of new energy automobile industry, as well as the professional display platform for energy-efficient automobile industry in China.

Visitors' Profile

Professional Visitors With the advantage of its own source and influence,the organizer will invite professors, experts, researchers, automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, college teachers, automobile designers, purchasing managers, distributors, driving school trainees, bus companies, car rental companies, travel companies, government officials, relevant association members, medias and all kinds of organizations in automobile industry. Common Visitors : The organizer will organize a large number of community residents, university and high school students, enterprise employees, 4S shop customers, bank members and communication corporation members to visit the exhibition,which will be bound to help increase the exhibition’s popularity.

Exhibitors' Profile

Profile of exhibit based on New energy automobiles: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, Electric vehicles (BEV, including solar cars), Fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine vehicles, air vehicles, magnetic electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles. Automotive Parts: Advanced combustion engine, efficient transmissions, lightweight materials, vehicle optimization design, hybrid power, other energy-saving technologies and products, Batteries, motors, electronic control and other core components and advanced technology applications. Charging facilities: Charging piles, chargers, power distribution cabinets, rechargeable batteries and battery management systems, parking charging facilities, intelligent monitors, charging station powered solutions, charging station-smart grid solutions, etc. Promotion and Application Cities, 88 new energy car promotion and application cities that appointed by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development and Reform Commission.

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